Myself – decrepit – in 2050


To finish this serie of posts talking about the Future, I had to evoke myself in the future.What would be my life in 2050 ? It’s difficult to imagine. I will be 60, which is pretty old, and the rest of the world will be completely different. Maybe I’ll finally obtain my driver’s licence, and I could drive one of these beautiful flying cars… Or maybe we’ll all live in horrible cities like in this Lolita Pille book titled “Twilight Town“, where everyone is watched and have to be happy – actually one of the WORST book I’ve ever read, something like an awfull low cost version of 1984. Or maybe my clone will live my own life, to protect me from the real world, like in Clones with Bruce Willis. (Yeah, I know, I have HUGE references in Science Fiction). But, truly, if I had to choose, I’d like to live in the glorious world of Futurama !



A Brief History of the Future by Attali


We caught a brief gilmpse of what the future of the Internet could be, but what about the future of the entire world ? What will be the world in a few years ? Will it burn in a huge explosion, or will it be a peacefull place like in MJ’s song ? In A Brief History of the Future, Jacques Attali tries to describe the future of humanity in fifty years. He predicts the end of American hegemony for the one of Transnational corporations, and the complete disappearance of traditional nation-states. He also develops the concept of an “Hyperdemocracy“, which could be defined as a political system based on “solidarity networks, participative democracy, “responsible companies”, NGOs, micro-credits and collective intelligence”. Will he be right ? To be continued…


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Future of the Internet : what will come next ?


The future of the Internet is a tough question, because everything is moving really fast. Think about it : the Web 1.0 – for a wide public – began in 1995, to evolved in Web 2.0 around 2004-2005. But what will come next ? What will be the future technologies ? And what the Web 3.0 will be ? For most people, the Semantic Web / Web 3.0 “will primarily focus on dramatically improving the functionality and usability of search engines”, offering to the semantics a central role in the process (but actually, nobody could tell what Web 3.0 will really be).  To answer to this question, I wanted to show you a very well-known web documentary created by Kate Ray and titled “Web 3.0”. I think it gives a good light on our current knowledge about this situation.


Web 3.0 from Kate Ray on Vimeo.

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Pumpkins and Dogs


You miss Halloween ? I do. But I discovered a way to make it back : embarrassing dogs costumes. This stuff is sooooo horrible that I had to share it with you. Be prepared, this is bad. Really, really bad :





This phenomenon is weird as possible. It could be cute – a few times – but, really, a dog wearing a suit ? Don’t you think that puppy owners are crazy ?

If you wanna see more, a lot of websites published Tops of Best Dogs Halloween costumes. I give you one of them, and I love the title : it is called “Why dogs hate Halloween“.

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Girly E-commerce experience


Today, I wanted to talk to you about E-commerce, and original experiences over the Worl Wild Web. Here is an intersting initiative created by a French company named Shoes of Prey. On their website, they offer you to become a fashion designer and create the shoes of your dreams. Ok, I’m a little bit exaggerating, because it is obvious that you can’t create every type / color / material of your shoes on a simple website – and that you’re NOT a real designer. Indeed, it would be too expensive for the brand, and too complicated to realize. But on this website you can already do a lot : choose your pre-designed model, select the color, the leather, and the general aspect. Create a part of the shoes that you’ll wear. Become unique. (Sort of).

I really think that this concept is awesome. And not only because I’m a creepy shoes addict (I have to admit, I have a huge problem), but because I find this way of personalization very interesting in a marketing view. This website offers you the illusion of being a real fashion designer, and managing the all manufacturing process. And this is really original.


Another violent war


War is violence, cruelty, and baseness. But war could also be unarmed. This is the case of the war setting Geneviève de Fontenay against the production company Endemol since 2010. For non-french people (or non-beauty contests fans), Geneviève was the President of the Miss France Committee, well-kown for her famous hat and suit.  Because she couldn’t endure the many Miss scandals between 2008 and 2010, Geneviève de Fontenay left loudly Endemol and Miss France Society in march 2010. She was so angry she decided to create her own beauty contest – named Miss Nationale – and encroach her ex-employer’s territory. And that’s where the war began : because she was breaking a clause of non-concurrence in her contract. Since this episode, the two parties fight in a juridical war. Geneviève won the first battle, but she was sent again in Court in appeal, and she doesn”t know if she’ll be able to organize her contest in December 2011. Poor Geneviève..


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European leaders’ true opinion


Two days ago, I heard about this infographic, summarizing European diplomats’ opinion about their colleagues. And it’s not so pretty… Created by Bloomeberg Businessweek, this graphic shows us the relations between 7 European leaders : Angela Merkel, George Papandreou, Nicolas Sarkozy, José Luis Zapatero, Jean-Claude Juncker, David Cameron and Silvio Berlusconi. Of course, most of these insults were off the record, and reported by national press. And sometimes, it’s pretty violent : Berlusconi said about Merkel that she was an “unable lard ase“, when Sarkozy called her “the Kraut” and emphasized that she said she was on diet and helped herself to a second helping of cheese. Merkel nicknames Sarkozy Mr. Brean, comparing him with Louis de Funès, and David Cameron called him “hidden dwarf“…

Well, this is now obvious that Politics are humans too. I let you see this amazing infographic, really clear, funny and politically incorrect !

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News Rules of the Internet


Be awared, Internet is a harsh world to survive in. You need some rules – and I will give you mine – but first, you have to read the real Rules of the Internet, which everyone should know.  Did you read them ? Ok, now we can start.

  1. Never post / say / RT something you’ll never say IRL. And always watch your back, because Internet never forgets. Or you will finish like Anthony Weiner, it could be bad…
  2. Protect your privacy. I’m not only talking about watching your privacy settings on Facebook, but also about what you deliberately post on Networks. Because I swear,  every month a Facebook friend of mine write a status about her periods. And it’s creepy as possible.
  3. DO NOT use glittering emoticons in your Windows Live Messenger conversations. Oh wait. Do not use Windows Live Messenger at all.
  4. Stay curious, but never forget about Rule 34.
  5. Never trust Flash Ads announcing that you’ve won an iPad / iPhone / travel on Mars. Honey, it’s a #fake.
  6. Choose a good password and change it regularly. Not your birthday, not your nickname, please be ambitious. And keep in mind that one day, you may have to share it with someone, for any reason. So don’t be too ridiculous, meowmeow75 is quite embarrassing.
  7. Always log out and delete your browsing history when your not on your personal computer. I can’t count how many times I open Firefox on CELSA’s computers and find an open Facebook session.
  8. DO NOT feed the troll.
  9. Be bold but stay polite : follow the Netiquette, the Network Etiquette.
  10. Make it 20% cooler.
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Hi guys ! I’m starving right now, that’s why today, my post will be about American food in Paris (even if one week ago, a friend told me that American food didn’t exist… #hugetroll). Everyone knows hamburgers, cupcakes and Oreos, but did you ever really tasted meals as they do in USA ? I have to admit that I never went to America, but I enjoooooy fat burgers and butter pastries. And when I have some time – and some money – I really like to go to Thanksgiving. What is Thanksgiving, will you say to me ? It is the best import store in Paris for American food, where you can find ANYTHING you want : preparations for cookies and cupcakes, condiments, sweets and snack, and even homemade cheesecake. Did I said that I was starving ?

Okay, maybe you’re a lazy person and you don’t want to go to Saint Paul – which is a great parisian neighborhood by the way – and here is the magical solution : Yumise is an amazing online store delivering american products. Ha ha, now you don’t have any excuse to be fat !


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CV Online



I tested the online CV tool “” to make my own. And I think it’s really really great. Do you wanna see ?

My online CV with